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My interest in family history dates back to 1983 when I was introduced to an American student teacher, with the surname Hindley, whose school placement in Cheshire had encountered a snag. This fluke meeting threw up many mysteries. I had no knowledge of any relations in America and the student had no knowledge of an English connection. I quizzed my father and he said he knew of a distant family member who had been in the Merchant Navy during WW2 and had visited a relative in the USA. By now the student had returned to the USA.

I contacted this family member and he was able to give me the very bare bones of a family tree. Since then I have steadily built an extensive Family Tree and a mass of information. In the early days I questioned as many family members as I could and spent hours pouring over microfilm, microfiche and documents in Chester at the Cheshire Records Office. From the 1990s the computer helped me to trawl the internet and by 2011 there was a staggering mass of information available. However, many mysteries still remain, particularly concerning the parents of George Hindley (1743-1839).

My aim is to celebrate the lives of my ancestors and preserve some fascinating data.  Also I hope there are people who can contribute to my information.

To protect the privacy of people I will not include the lives of those who died less than 50 years ago, and I will not include names of children born less than 100 years ago.

Dates given for births may be dates of baptisms, particularly if they were before Civil Registration in 1837. Similarly dates of death might be dates of burial.

I am grateful for help from Hindley Family Tree members; and Dave Jowitt, John Birchall, June Harrison and many others.

Pages may be downloaded for personal use but please ask the author for permission to publish to a wider audience.

I am David Hindley and my grandfather was George Hindley (1878-1934).

September 2012, Cheshire.

September 2023